Benefits Of Moderate Alcohol Consumption


Moderate alcohol consumption can generally add to substantial health benefits for humans by improving physical & mental well-being. These benefits may however vary depending upon individual body type & makeup. According to Dietary Guidelines moderate alcohol consumption limits to two drinks per day for men & one per day for women over a single day, but not as average over a number of days.
Mankind has been consuming fermented beverages for most of the last 10,000 years or so. Debate on arguments based on merits & demerits of alcohol consumption also has been raging over this period of time. With tremendous progress in science over these years we are in a much better position to understand the good & bad sides of alcohol consumption. The key to an emancipated understanding of alcohol usage however depends on balance. As the right dosage is important with any given medication so does it matter in the amount of alcohol we generally consume.

According to scientific facts, here are some good reasons why alcohol is good for health.

Occasional drinking can be a boon for your system adding a few years to your lifespan. Substantial studies have shown that moderate drinking for men & women can reduce risk of death by 18 percent. Small amounts during meals like a Mediterranean diet, is an ideal pattern to be followed. Wine above all with lunch or dinner would be a great choice. However, make sure that the rest of your day is absolutely alcohol-free.

While smoking increases susceptibility to common cold, moderate alcohol consumption on the other hand reduces chances of catching common cold. Spanish researchers have found that consuming 8-14 glasses of red wine per week could reduce risk of developing cold by almost 60 percent. These scientists also accredited the antioxidant properties of wine to this benefit.

Moderate alcohol consumption raises beneficial High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) levels which are associated with protection against heart diseases. Other beneficial effects of moderate alcohol consumption include improved sensitivity to insulin which in effect influences blood clotting. These changes help prevent formations of blood clots that normally block arteries in the brain, neck & heart. Applicable to men & women without any previous history of cardiovascular disease, these blood clots are the ultimate cause of most heart attacks & strokes.

According to a Dutch study one or two glasses of wine per day by healthy adults significantly decrease chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Investigative results had shown that moderate alcohol consumptions play an active part in maintaining a healthy life-style at the same time lower risk of developing diabetes.

Newer research suggests that moderate drinking actually protects against erectile dysfunction just as red wine enables avoid heart diseases. Contrary to prior belief researchers discovered that erectile dysfunction reduced 25-30 percent among moderate alcohol consumers in a study conducted with 1,770 Australian men. Further research is however required to accurately connect alcohol consumption & impotence. This in no way is meant to encourage men to take the bottle.

Moderate alcohol consumption is found to significantly reduce the formation of gallstones by one-third. New research also indicates that people consuming small amounts of alcohol are 23 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Moderate consumption in effect make brain cells more healthy & reduce chances of developing cognitive impairment. But, like mentioned earlier, balance is the key, avoid overdoing the limited regimen.