Corn Whisky


Corn Whisky is an American spirit which is typically distilled from a mash-bill containing at least 80 percent corn. Like the custom with Bourbon, Corn Whisky is generally not aged in newly charred oak barrels. Though production of Corn Whisky has recently enjoyed renaissance, it is typically old fashioned and produced in manner similar to the one when the spirit was produced hundreds of years back. In fact, Corn Whisky is a liquid time machine which takes us to days when poor American farmers who had corn and conveniently turned into whisky, back where it all began. However, Corn Whisky nowadays has earned a cult following among bartenders who are eager to add character to cocktails. Moreover, there is a whole new generation of craft distillers bent upon taking Corn Whisky in bold directions.

Aging & Corn Whisky

Corn Whisky does not require any wood-aging unlike many other styles of American whisky. In case Corn Whisky is aged, it is done in previously used or un-charred oak barrels. Moreover, in case it is barreled for aging, Corn Whisky needs to be below 62.5 percent alcohol by volume. Moreover, whisky which is distilled of at least 80 percent corn and aged in charred new oak barrels would be considered as Bourbon. However, aging for Corn Whisky is usually brief and lasting for six month time or even less. During this time Corn Whisky effectively absorbs flavor & color from the barrel alongside reducing off-flavors like fusel alcohol. There is also a variant of this spirit and which is known as Straight Corn Whisky. Straight Corn Whisky is normally stored in used or un-charred oak barrels for two years or even more. Corn Whisky which is produced in this fashion and aged for at least four years of time are called Bottled-In-Bond in case they meet further requirements.

More about Corn Whisky

Also known as Corn Liquor or White Lightening, Corn Whisky contains a maximum strength of 80 percent alcohol by volume. The traditional mash process for Corn Whisky is subject to tax and other laws under the federal structure and therefore distinct from stereotypical American Moonshine. There are several commercial distilleries in the United States who are engaged in production of un-aged Corn Whisky meant for retail sale.

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