Light Rum & Cocktails


Also known as ‘Silver’ or ‘White Rum’, Light Rum is dry, light-bodied, light in color and lightly sweet in flavor. Light Rum is produced from molasses & sugarcane juice alongside having a normally short distillation period. Unlike various other types of rum, light Rum is simply aged in plain oak casks or stainless steel tanks in order to ensure that the spirit remains clear. With flavor that is so light and goes well in any context, Light Rum is a favored choice of rum for a variety of cocktails and other types of mixed drinks.

Beginning with Rum

Rum basically is a type of alcohol which is made from sugarcane or by-products of sugarcane like sugarcane syrup or molasses. This sugar is subsequently distilled into liquid alcohol like it is done with agave in tequila. However, rum can be distilled to various strengths but typically it is kept higher than 40 percent alcohol by volume. This is much stronger than several types of sugary liqueurs. Moreover, rum is a clear liquid when it is first distilled.

Difference Between light Rum & Dark Rum

Light Rum is aged for lesser time in comparison with other varieties of rum. This spirit is already clear directly after distillation. Producers typically filter the liquor until it is free from impurities and ready for cocktail in order to make Light Rum to be sold as a commercial product. Light Rums usually have a sweet & subtle flavor which is just as much alcohol by volume like other darker rums. The difference between Light Rum & Dark Rums is that instead of being filtered and bottled right after distillation, Dark Rums go through an aging process. Prior to bottling, Dark Rums are aged in wooden or charred oak barrels while Light Rum is bottled straight away. Dark color of rum is due to aging and it gets darker with extension of time with aging. Moreover, rum can also be dark with addition of burnt sugar, molasses or caramel which is done for enhancing color & flavor.

Spiced & Flavored Rums

Ingredients outside of sugar are added in order to create spiced & flavored rums with change of taste in mind. Spiced & Flavored Rums can be any color and are favorites of certain cocktails. However, it does not matter if Spiced & Flavored Rums are of any color.

Light Rum for Cocktails

While Dark Rums are typically created for sipping & drinking purposes, they are made with more distinct flavors, Light Rums are mainly used in cocktails. Some of the most popular cocktails which require the taste of Light Rums to be added include Mojitos, Pina Colada & other rum based tropical drinks. With Light Rum anyway, there is no wrong answer.

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