Newer Cocktails with Cachaca


True that Cachaca is distilled from sugar and is close to rum, it is more than being simply ‘Brazilian rum’. Cachaca is unique and fast becoming a favorite as one of the hottest spirits of the 21st century. Cachaca is a distilled spirit from Brazil and often looked as a style of rum, but then this is made from sugarcane juice instead of molasses which is typically utilized for producing rum. Normally, Cachaca is 40 percent alcohol by volume and is also bottled as specialties at a higher proof. This means that you are getting Cachaca with a fuller flavor. With subtle sweetness, flavor of Cachaca can greatly vary with delicious notes of fruits & sweets.

Cachaca as the National Spirit of Brazil

Long known as the poor man’s drink in Brazil, Cachaca has changed and added some brilliant artisanal characters today as per international taste. Imports to United States are increasing every year and there are more than 3,000 legal Cachaca distilleries in Brazil as of now. Cachaca has gained international recognition and cocktails served with this spirit are some of the most popular in the country. While June 12th is designated as International Cachaca Day, September 13th is observed as the National Cachaca Day in Brazil.

How About a Cachaca Cocktail?

Caipirinha is the first drink you need to make with every new bottle of Cachaca. Muddled sugar and lime topped with Cachaca & simply served over ice is a fun recipe alongside any fresh seasonal fruit so as to add a unique twist. Batida is another cocktail which is quite fascinating and popular in Brazil. This is a delicious mix of fruit, milk, sugar & Cachaca which can take on several different flavors. No matter how it is made, Cachaca is a perfect spirit to back your cocktail.

Deserving Space in Any Bar

Yes, Cachaca deserves it and is popularly finding place in every modern bar. Extremely versatile liquor which blends well with exotic flavors, Cachaca is increasingly being used in several fantastic new cocktails. Some great cocktail examples include Melancia Sour with watermelon & lemongrass and Paulista with lavender & blueberry alongside Cachaca. Rhyme & Reason with cinnamom and Aperol is a delightful dinner drink made with Cachaca. Other favorite cocktail which goes well with Cachaca is Raspberry Bellini. Taste any cocktail with Cachaca to know as to why it is a new favorite for numerous bartenders.