Real Taste of Coconut Rum


Experience the delicate, sweet & creamy taste of fresh coconut along with a tinge of citrus & tropical fruit which is perfectly balanced with notes of molasses. Coconut Rum flavor is an ideal mix with any cocktail needing to embrace a sweet and refreshingly crisp finish. Sweetness of Coconut Rum in fact lessens the need of adding simple syrup to cocktails. However, some drinkers with a stringent nose may experience the aroma of pencil shavings & Crayola crayons. Coconut Rum is quite a ‘girly’ drink which is largely acceptable to spring breakers at swim-up bars.

Real Taste of Coconut Rum

Tasting quite like half-baked pina colada, Coconut Rum was first in the year 1893. It was initially meant to help bartenders streamline making colada. This cocktail Coconut Rum is like a trip to the beach without having to feel sand in weird places. The writing on the bottle often says that this is Caribbean rum with coconut liqueur that is perfect in a setting sun promising good times. It is also a perfect drink when the sun is doing nothing and you are beneath a number of blankets within your apartment. It would anyway ideal to think of Coconut Rum as a tropical vacation in a variety of settings.

Try Blending Diet Coke with Coconut Rum

Diet Coke & Coconut Rum is a secret for surviving frigid winters, irrespective of location. Use Coconut Rum to full potential, it is sensible to think out-of-the-box sometimes. Coconut Rum is a fast-acting drink which is ideal for relaxing, especially when you are returning home late after a stressful shift. A bowl of cereal with Coconut Rum poured into milk is an excellent idea well past midnight. Coconut Rum can also be used in all types of rum cakes or baked products which call for rum to transform into dessert. Try embracing the Coconut Rum, even though it may not make it to the top shelf.