Craft Mead is On the Rise


Ancestor of all alcoholic beverages, the mighty Vikings fortified themselves with Mead while crisscrossing the oceans. Royalties, Greek Gods & epic fictional heroes all enjoyed Mead as the rejuvenating spirit. Although popularity sagged under weight of history, Mead is staging a triumphant return now. Mead is an alcoholic beverage which is created by fermenting honey with water and sometimes with various grains, spices, fruits or hops. Alcoholic content in Mead ranges between 3 to 20 percent by volume. However, the defining characteristic of Mead is that the fermentable sugar for this beverage is derived from honey. Mead can be still, carbonated or naturally sparkling in a dry, sweet or semi-sweet setting.

Mead is a Distinct Category

Fermented using three basic ingredients, Mead is neither Beer nor Wine in the typical sense. Mead stands apart on its own as an alcoholic beverage. Mead is also often flavored with various fruits as well. Here are some Mead facts to help you develop taste.

  • Mead is the Oldest Alcoholic Beverage on Earth – Evidence of Mead fermentation out-ages both beer & wine. Mead was quite popular with Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Mayans, & Vikings alike.
  • Mead was Considered the Drink of Gods – Often referred to as ‘Nectar of Gods’ by ancient Greeks, Mead was associated with immortality & other magical powers. Mead has graced innumerable Greek ceremonies during its hay-days.
  • Taking a Glass of Mead in Under Weather – Certain types of Mead in early England was made with herbs & spices. Infusing herbs with Mead was thought to improve digestion, help depression and alleviate old-fashioned hypochondria.
  • Flavor of Mead Varies Depending Upon Honey Type – Honey which is used for making Mead usually determines the overarching flavor of the drink. Taste of Mead can therefore vary according to the particular diet of nectar & pollen by the honeybee.
  • Mead is a Preferred Royal Drink – Mead is believed to be the choicest drink of Queen Sheba and King Solomon. Other royalties who loved Mead include Queen Elizabeth and King Midas from Turkey. Bittersweet Ethiopian Mead is traced to the fourth century and is still a popular drink in the region.
  • Think Mead for Honeymoon – Sweet Mead is an original natural aphrodisiac. Drinking Honey Wine for a full moon cycle after marriage was a medieval tradition. Honeymoon literally goes back to relate with this medieval tradition.

There are more than 250 Meaderies in America as of now. Resurgence of Mead is assured due to continued interest in brewing & distilling. Mead festivals are also cropping up around the world in order to pay tribute to this ancient quaff. Craft mead is definitely on the rise.