Lager & Hybrid Beers


Lager beer is one of the most consumed beers on planet earth. Ripped apart by mass production techniques focused on reducing costs alongside jettisoning concern for taste, Lager Beer is easily dismissed as style. Nevertheless, Lager Beers are usually crisp & refreshing like the ones of Helles or Pilsner style. Along with these, there is an exciting variety of other Lager Beers including Schwarzbiers, Marzens, Bocks, Vienna Lagers, & Dunkels which adorn bars. Lager Beers are interestingly pure, veritably clean and bear unique aromas & flavors and are not just fizzy yellow water as thought. Make your day and try some great lagers like Cumberland Breweries Irish Lager, Mittenwalder Microbrewery or German juggernaut of Augustiner.

Hybrid Beers Made with Lager Yeasts

Hybrid Beers are another interesting category of beverages which are made using lager yeasts but are fermented at ale temperatures. Some of the most popular examples of Hybrid Beers include Steam Beers, Cream Ales, Altbiers & Kolsch. Moreover, these styles are delightfully easy to drink and bear varying degrees of bitterness & maltiness, Kolsch is an interesting flavor which has a wine-like character. Steam Beers on the other hand have a noticeably clean finish. While Anchor Steam is the world’s quintessential steam bear, great example of Kolsch is produced by Fruh & Altbier by Schlosser in Germany.

Origin of Lager Beer

Lager Beer originated in parts of the Austrian Empire which is now recognized as the Czech Republic. Since this region is conditioned at low temperatures, breweries normally churn out beers which are pale, golden, amber or dark. Typically, one of the most defining features of Lager Beer is maturation in cold storage which is primarily distinguished by a specific type of yeast. However, it is also possible to use lager yeast in warm fermentation processes like they are in American Steam Beer, lack of cold temperatures preclude these beers from classified as Lager Beer.

Lager Beer in the United Kingdom

Term Lager Beer in United Kingdom specifically refers to pale lagers and most of which are derived from Pilsner style. Pale lagers throughout the world are widely consumed and commercially available. These Lager Beers are primarily known by brand names and simply labeled as beer. Some of the well-known brand names of Lager Beer include Carlsberg, Foster’s, Carling, Heineken, Kirin Company, Tsingtao, Snow, Corona, Budweiser Budvar, Brahma, Beck’s, Stella Artois, Miller, & Pilsner Urquell.